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by Tyler Willis

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Fund the resistance to Trump's presidency.

Donations made to this pack are sent to the most effective resistance charities as suggested by non-partisan volunteers.

Every week, we look at what the Trump administration is working on and we look for non-profits that we believe can resist or block their efforts.

Last week was a disaster. In his first week on the job, Trump begun repealing healthcare coverage, started a trade war, attacked the press, announced terrible immigration policies, and sent clear signals that he intends to continue encouraging voter suppression.

In response, we donated to charities that addressed several of these areas.

Here are a few of our donation decisions from this week:

1. Protect the press

Trump and his team (Spicer, Kellyanne Conway) aggressively went after the press. They sent clear messages that they would limit the access of (and lie to) any outlet they thought was challenging their agenda. Trump advisor and former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon, despite being a huge provocateur when he was the media, menacingly said media should "keep it's mouths shut." We picked this as a critical issue, because it is exceptionally dangerous. Weakening a critical press is often the first step to consolidating executive power and forming a dictatorship.

Our support of the Columbia Journalism Review is helping them cover Trump and encourage other outlets to as well.

2. Fight voter suppression

Trump's continued rally cry around investigating voter fraud is a tactic to increase people's tolerance for voter suppression. Voter fraud is almost non-existant in the US, yet Trump and his team wants to counter it with a series of measures that will decrease turnout in affected communities.

Our support of and The Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law will both help ensure that our elections stay free and fair by advocating for election protocol changes and litigating cases where voting rights have been surpressed.

Note: While we aren't allowing ourselves to donate to a partisan political group, we do recommend looking at the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Obama has announced the NDRC will be a personal focus for him in the months and years to come, and we believe it stands a good chance of challenging some of the voter suppression caused when The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was repealed in 2013.

3. Sane Immigration Policy

Through two wide-sweeping executive orders signed on January 25th, Trump begun a push for his immigration policies. One of the most divisive parts of his campaign rhetoric, we know his stance on immigration is isolationist and specifically targets Muslims and Mexicans.

Our donation to the National Immigration Law Center will help them continue their work which includes impact litigation work that can directly oppose Trump's current and future Executive Orders on immigration.

Resistance is crucial.

Trump threatens to destroy our environment, healthcare, human rights, journalism, structures of a well functioning democracy, our economy and millions of jobs. There are a lot of good organizations trying to improve each of these areas — when Trump makes progress on an issue we find those nonprofits addressing it, rank them, and donate money to the most effective ones.

If we don't collectively stand up to Trump, the America we know will be dramatically changed by Trump and the GOP's unchecked vision.

Join us and we’ll send your donations to the most effective causes at exactly the right moment.

White House Petitions

The We The People petitions have reset now that President Trump has sworn in, which means that now is a great time to use that petition system to create visibility on the issues we care about.

The first two petitions to get started are both related to Trump's ethical issues. If we can get one of them to over 100,000 signatures quickly, it will require the White House to respond.

Please go sign:
1. Release Tax Returns —
2. Blind Trust —

Jan 21, 2017

Donated to National Immigration Law Center

We believe the National Immigration Law Center has a good chance of fighting against unjust new immigration laws and policies.

Jan 20, 2017

A good place to track progress

Some people just launched a tool to track Trump's progress against his policy goals over the next 100 days. We'll be using this as one news source to get good data on where the Trump team is making progress.

You can also follow the source at:

Jan 20, 2017

Good overview of Trump's Action Plan

This is a great overview of Trump's Action Plan with commentary from NPR:

Jan 20, 2017
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Tyler Willis
Pack Leader

As a founder and an investor, I've been involved in companies that have made hundreds of millions of dollars. As a private citizen, I now lead a team of expert donor advisors to find and support the organizations most capable of opposing Trump's agenda.